About Us

Greg started working in the construction business in 1986, after being hired by an electrical company. This company did electrical wiring in commercial buildings. In 1987, Greg joined the United States Army and served most of his ten years overseas.

Once out of the military, Greg and his family moved back to their home state of Nebraska and he began working as a construction superintendent and over-saw the new construction of apartment complexes.

Once completed, Greg then worked as a construction superintendent for a company in charge of constructing multi-million dollar federal buildings. In 1999, he and his family moved to Omaha, where he began working as a construction administrator for a large architectural firm. He was in charge of managing multi-million dollar churches and schools. In 2001, Greg made the switch from commercial to residential construction. He began working as a construction coordinator for an Arizona based real estate investment group, constructing upscale homes in newly developed subdivisions in West Omaha.

Greg had always wanted to take all that knowledge he had gained through his past work experiences, and begin his own business constructing high quality residential homes. In 2002, Greg began his vision by starting “Gregory Allen Homes.”